Hi, we’re Kotorino.

We are a Brooklyn band that play darkly elegant, trippy, gypsy-flavored ‘parlor rock’  with carnivalesque touches. Our instrumentation includes, but is not limited to: guitar, violins, tuba, bass clarinet, tenor sax, trumpet, pump-organ, voice, banjo, drums, accordion, bass and musical saw.

We play clubs, parties and events all over the city. Our original sound has recently caught the attention of WNYC:

…Kotorino has one of the most unique and unusual sounds of any band, ever. Even in a music scene saturated with “chamber-pop” bands and odd instrumentation, Kotorino stands out with its use of all variety of winds, strings, and other musical gadgetry. The music itself is omnivorous in its source material, quite pretty, and downright haunting.

More great press here.

Here is a sampling of our music from our new album “Better Than This”:

Some videos

To get in touch with us you can email Jeff at kotorino[dot]music[at]gmail[dot]com
or check us out on Facebook

For a cd, check us out on CDBaby or iTunes.

See you around!